Portable Storage Units for Businesses

Business Use cases for Packman Mobile Storage

Portable storage can be a great solution for business that need temporary storage, it can help you in a pinch when you need some place to storage equipment, tools or anything. Packman Mobile Storage works with many types of business in the Raleigh area with both long-term and short-term storage options and transportation services.

Packman Mobile Storage Delivered to a Business Loading Dock

Types of Businesses that often need portable storage

  1. Construction Companies & Renovators
    Construction companies often need a secure place to store tools, materials, and equipment on a work site. Packman Mobile Storage units provide a convenient and secure solution, ensuring that everything is on-hand when needed, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. Units are moveable and can be easily relocated as the project progresses, keeping materials close to where they are needed most.
  2. Churches
    Churches frequently organize donation drives and undergo renovations, both of which require flexible storage solutions. Packman Mobile Storage units offer a secure and convenient way to manage donation collections, providing ample space to store food, clothing, and other items. For renovations, our containers can safely house furniture, equipment, and other materials on-site, ensuring they are protected and easily accessible. Once the project or drive is complete, the units can be transported to distribution centers or other locations as needed, making the entire process seamless and efficient.
  3. Realtors
    Real estate agents know the importance of presenting a property in the best possible light. Packman Mobile Storage units provide an ideal solution for storing excess furniture, personal items, and clutter, allowing you to stage homes effectively. We deliver the portable container to your client’s doorstep, letting them pack and store items at their own pace. Once the home is staged and ready for showings, we transport the container to a secure storage facility or the new residence, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
  4. Retail Stores
    Retail stores frequently face challenges with seasonal inventory changes. Packman Mobile Storage units offer an excellent solution for storing excess inventory during peak seasons. Whether it’s holiday decorations or summer merchandise, these portable units can be stored on-site or at a secure facility, making it easy to rotate stock as needed.
  5. Restaurants and Catering Services
    Restaurants and catering services often need extra storage space for events, equipment, and bulk supplies. Packman Mobile Storage units provide an ideal solution for storing chairs, tables, linens, and cooking equipment. These moveable containers can be easily transported to event locations, ensuring that everything needed is available on-site.
  6. Educational Institutions
    Schools and universities frequently undergo renovations or expansions, creating a need for temporary storage. Packman Mobile Storage units can house furniture, books, and equipment during these periods, ensuring that items are safely stored and easily accessible when needed.
  7. Hospitals and Medical Facilities
    Hospitals and medical facilities require secure storage for medical supplies, equipment, and records. Packman Mobile Storage units offer a flexible and secure solution, ensuring that critical items are protected and can be easily accessed when required. Since these these units are moveable they are also ideal for managing overflow storage needs during facility expansions or emergencies.
  8. Tech Companies
    Tech companies often participate in events, conferences, and deployments that require transporting and storing equipment. Packman Mobile Storage units offer a convenient way to manage this process, providing secure and portable storage for computers, servers, and other tech equipment. After the event, the units can be returned to the office or stored until the next deployment.
  9. Film and Production Studios
    Film and production studios frequently need to store sets, props, and equipment between shoots. Packman Mobile Storage units offer a secure and flexible solution, ensuring that items are protected and easily transported to different locations as needed. These units can be stored on-site or at a secure facility.
  10. Agricultural Businesses
    Agricultural businesses often require additional storage for seasonal equipment and supplies. Packman Mobile Storage units provide a practical solution for storing tools, fertilizers, and machinery, ensuring that these items are readily available when needed. Units can be placed on-site or at a central location for easy access.
  11. Non-Profit Organizations
    Non-profit organizations often need extra storage space for event supplies, donations, and seasonal items. Packman Mobile Storage units offer a flexible and affordable solution, allowing organizations to store and transport items as needed. These units can be conveniently located at event sites or the organization’s headquarters.
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