Packman Mobile Storage Unit – For Customer Location Storage

$175.00 / month

On Customer Site Location Storage – Choose this option for the convenience of having the Packman Portable Storage Unit delivered and kept at your home or business.

  • When you book, the initial charges will include the first month’s rent, along with a combined delivery and pickup fee of $200, within 20 miles of our Apex location.
  • All subsequent charges will occur monthly on the anniversary date of the delivery of your Packman Unit and will be automatically deducted from the card used at checkout.
  • For locations beyond 20 miles, an additional fee of $4 per mile will be applied to each service.
  • First monthly rent and delivery and pickup fees are due at the time of booking.


For Customer Location Storage – Choose this option to have the Packman Portable Storage Unit delivered directly to your location. This flexible portable storage service provides delivered self-storage units right to your home or business, eliminating the need to rent a truck, drive it yourself, or worry about fuel costs. Keep the mobile storage container at your site as long as needed, offering easy access to your belongings right where you need them. Ideal for streamlined temporary storage and moving, allowing you to focus on organizing your space!

Size of Storage Unit:

  • Dimensions: 8’W x 16’L x 8’H – 128 sq.ft.
    This standard size accommodates approximately 3 to 4 rooms of furniture or the contents of a small 3-bedroom home, similar to a 17’ moving truck.
  • Maximum Weight Allowance: 4,500 pounds.

Great option for:

  • Home Renovators and DIY Enthusiasts: Utilize our on-site self-storage to keep furniture and belongings conveniently close but out of the way during projects.
  • Contractors and Renovators: Store tools, materials, and equipment securely near work sites with our moving containers, ensuring everything is easily accessible and protected.
  • Event Organizers: Keep all event equipment and supplies at the location with our mobile storage containers, ensuring everything is on-hand and secure.
  • Businesses Needing Extra Space: Ideal for businesses undergoing remodeling or managing seasonal inventory, our self-storage units allow you to store merchandise or equipment directly on your premises.
  • Residents in Transitional Housing: For those between homes or in temporary accommodations, provide a secure and accessible storage solution.
  • Hobbyists and Crafters: Store materials and tools in a unit at your home, perfect for projects requiring space and easy access.

Delivery and Pickup Fees for Customer On-Site Storage:

  • For units stored at your site, whether at home or business and within 20 miles of our Apex location a combined delivery and pickup fee of $200 will be charged at booking.
  • For locations beyond 20 miles from our Apex location, an additional fee of $4 per mile applies. Please note this rate is subject to change.
  • Each additional handling, moving, or changing of the location of the unit will incur a charge of $100 per instance.


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