Packman Mobile Storage Unit – For Storage at our Secure Facility

$225.00 / month

For Storage at Our Secure Facility – Select this option to have your Packman Mobile Storage Container delivered to you and then picked up to be securely stored at our facility.

  • When booking a unit to be stored at our secure yard, you will be charged for the first month’s rent, along with a handling fee of $400.
    This fee covers a total of four handlings: the initial delivery to your location, the subsequent pickup and return to our yard, a second delivery from our yard back to your location, and a final pickup, all within 20 miles of our Apex location.
  • All subsequent monthly charges will be scheduled on the anniversary date of your initial delivery and automatically deducted from the card used at checkout.
  • For locations beyond 20 miles, an additional $4 per mile will be charged for each instance of handling.
  • First monthly rent and delivery and pickup fees are due at the time of booking.


For Storage at Our Secure Facility – Choose this option to have your Packman Portable Storage Unit delivered to and securely stored at our facility. This flexible portable storage service provides an effective temporary storage solution by delivering self-storage units directly to your location, where you can load your items at your convenience. Once filled, simply contact our customer service team to schedule the unit’s pickup and secure storage at our yard. This process eliminates the need for multiple trips or the hassle of renting moving vehicles, offering delivered self-storage that ensures the safety and security of your belongings.

Size of Self-Storage Unit:

  • Measurement: 8’W x 16’L x 8’H – 128 sq.ft.
    This is the standard size for our portable storage units, which can accommodate roughly 3 to 4 rooms of furniture or the contents of a small 3-bedroom home, similar in capacity to a 17’ moving truck.
  • Maximum weight allowance is 4,500 pounds

Great option for:

  • Movers and Relocators: Our moving containers are perfect for those transitioning between homes, providing a secure storage option until your new residence is ready.
  • Students: Offering temporary storage for furniture and personal items during school breaks or transitions to new living arrangements, saving the cost and inconvenience of long-distance moves.
  • Seasonal Residents and Snowbirds: Utilize our on-site self-storage to keep your seasonal belongings secure while you’re away, with the convenience of having them returned upon your return.
  • Home Renovators: Protect your household items from dust and damage by storing them in our mobile storage containers during major renovations.
  • Downsizers: If you’re reducing your living space temporarily or permanently, our portable storage service provides a practical solution for keeping your excess belongings until you are ready to move, donate, or sell them.

Delivery and Pickup Fee to store at our Secure Storage Facility:

  • A handling fee of $400 will be charged at booking for units stored at our secure facility. This fee covers four instances of handling within 20 miles of our Apex location: initial delivery to your site, return transport to our yard, re-delivery from our yard to your site, and final pickup once the unit is empty.
  • For locations beyond 20 miles from our Apex location, an additional fee of $4 per mile applies. Please note this rate is subject to change.
  • Each additional handling, moving, or changing of the location of the unit will incur a charge of $100 per instance.


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